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Oct 2014


Ohio State Buckeyes will be well protected this season as Coach Tom Ryan and his Director Of Operations, Alex Picazo, selected MicroArmor to Disinfect and apply its Cationic Surface Coating to their Mats, Strength & Conditoning Equipment, Lockeroom and Showers. In addition, their athletes are utlizing MicroAromor Skin Sanitizing wipes as a key component of their Antimicrobial Management Plan.

MicroArmor was pleased to be choosen as a preferred vendor and speaker at Ohio State University’s Coaches Clinic. It was a great opportunity to meet with coaches and share “The Good Science” regarding the products that make up MicroArmor’s Antimicrobial System. And similar to the feedback received at the National Wrestling Coaches Association, the participants were encouraged by open and honest discussion regarding formulation of an effective antimicrobial strategy. In addition, they found MicroArmor focus on applied science as opposed to marketing hype and false product comparison refreshing. The followup businesss is indicative that a growing number of athletic programs are dicovering why MicroArmor Product line represents the Optimal Solution in terms of Efficacy, Safety and Cost Effectiveness.


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