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Nov 2014


MicroArmor Antimicrobial System was selected by Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, OH to provide its wrestlers with the best antimicrobial protection available. In addition to coating its mats with MicroArmor’s Cationic Surface Coating, they will be using MicroArmor’s Disinfectant Concentrate applied with MicroArmor’s Micro Fiber Mop to truly clean their athletic surfaces throughout the season. They also will be providing MicroArmor Skin sanitizer for use by the team to help protect against and reduce germs that can casue illness.

After experiencing the highest incidence of skin infections and irritations during the 2 years of using a Tea Tree Essential Oil Soap and related products, Wadswroth Wrestling switched to MicroArmor’s Anti-Microbial System. (NOTE: The claims and supportive laboratory studies regarding the anti-microbial properties of essential oils such as Tea Tree and Eucapyptus utilize concentrations of 10, 20, 30 or more percent of the essential oil. There is no evidence that concentrations under 5%, let alone 1 or 2 percent will do more than provide a bad smelling soap or bodywash.)


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