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Following a year of real world testing within professional mold remediation projects, MicroArmor perfected the components offerred in its new DIY Mold Removal Kit The kit provides the necessary...Read More

Begining in 2013 the FDA began to look at the claims made by companies regarding their antibacterial soaps And while these companies presented results from Efficacy and Zone Of Inhibition...Read More

MicroArmor is excited to announce that it has partnered with the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association to insure that Ohio Athletes, their Coaches, Athletic Directors and Parents...Read More

MicroArmor Inc was a proud sponsor fo the Penn-Ohio Stateline Classic football game held at Reese Stadium at Geneva College on June 26, 2015 In addition to displaying its continued...Read More

MicroArmor's Anti-Microbial System was selected by the Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association and OHSAA to protect the Mats and Wrestlers at the 2015 Ohio High School Wrestling...Read More

MicroArmor Antimicrobial System was selected by Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, OH to provide its wrestlers with the best antimicrobial protection available In addition to coating its...Read More

Ohio State Buckeyes will be well protected this season as Coach Tom Ryan and his Director Of Operations, Alex Picazo, selected MicroArmor to Disinfect and apply its Cationic Surface Coating...Read More

2014 Divsion II National Champions - Notre Dame College selected MicroArmor to replace their Tablet Based Chlorine Dioxide system with MicroArmor's Antimicrobial System The practice room...Read More

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