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July 2015


MicroArmor is excited to announce that it has partnered with the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association to insure that Ohio Athletes, their Coaches, Athletic Directors and Parents have access to the best anti-microbial products availabel. If your focus is on providing Ohio High School Athletes with the Optimum combination of Effectiveness, Safety and Cost you focus on a company that understands “The Good Science” and provides products that are proven to work. When the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association set out to identify and recommend the best producst for protecting athletes, athletic surfaces and athletic equipment, uniforms, practice gear and footwear they discovered that MicroArmor’s line of coatings, cleaner / disinfectants and hand & skin sanitizers were just that…..

THE BEST.Contact your Coach, your OHSFCA District representative or MicroArmor to learn more about protecting Ohio’s athletes.

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