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August 2015


Begining in 2013 the FDA began to look at the claims made by companies regarding their antibacterial soaps. And while these companies presented results from Efficacy and Zone Of Inhibition laboratory tests, often misrepresented as clinical studies, they offered consumers no evidence that their soaps reduced the risk of infection. Despite their marketing claims, inferences, paid endorsements and reviews, according to Colleen Rodgers, Ph.D., a leading microbiologist at the FDA, “There currently is no evidence that over-the-counter (OTC) antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water.”

And this statement refers to antibacterial soaps that utilized a known and proven antibacterial agent, so the implications for products with weak concentrations of Essential Oils such as Tea Tree or Eucalyptus is clear. As “The Good Science” tells us that concentrations of 20% or more of these essential oils is required to kill harmful bacteria, fungus or viruses.

But similar to the FDA consumers who research and make decisions based on “The Good Science” will demand that companies provide a comparison between their products and regular soap and water in these laboratory tests or produce true Efficacy Studies. Of course informed consumers know, as the FDA has pointed out, that the results will be the same. A situation Wadsworth High School was facing when it switched to MicroArmor products after experiencing two years of their worst skin infection rates. (See Latest News Nov. 2015)

So rather than spend you hard earn money on an overpriced bar of soap and related products, direct your AD and coaches to invest in products that are Proven Effective at killing bacteria, viruses and fungus on Athletic Surfaces, Athletic Equpment, Athletic Uniforms & Workout Gear and Athletic Footwear. The same level of proof that the Ohio High School Wrestling Coahes Association and Ohio High School Football Coaches Association demanded when they selected MicroArmor Antimicrobial Products.

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