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About Us

MicroArmor is a company founded on the principles of “Good science”, Integrity and Performance. We are an integrated product and service company, created to offer effective high biorenewable antimicrobial products and superior antimicrobial services to the contractor, consumer, institutional and commerical markets . In support of that mission we manufacture, use and distribute a full line of plant derived, highly biorenewable antimicrobial surface / fabric coatings, specialty disinfectants, organic stain removers and non-alcohol skin sanitizers. Our proprietary Antimicrobial System was developed to take advantage of the synergistic action of our advanced technology products. All of our products use the latest generation of plant derived, high biorenewable active ingredients that will meet or exceed your performance expectations. Our products and services are utilized by businesses, health care providers, schools, medical professionals, college and high school sports teams to reduce the incidence and spread of infections diseases such as MRSA, H1N1, C. diff, HIV, E. coli and others. Where applicable our patented and/or proprietary antimicrobial products are either EPA registered or FDA compliant and are supported with independent or government reviewed and accepted efficacy testing and case studies. When used in conjunction with good cleaning practices and frequent hand washing, MicroArmor products can help protect against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi that can potentially cause illness. Independent studies also confirm the residual activity aspect of our technology. MicroArmor’s mission is to:
  • Meet the increased demand for: A trusted and reliable source for information regarding the true risks faced by infectious and illness causing microorganisms, or as our STAFF would say, “The Good Science”.
  • Provide cost effective, real world proven, products and services that eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Develop high biorenewable products that continuously inhibit the growth of, and exposure to, microorganisms on surfaces and fabrics.
  • Offer non-alcohol, antibacterial soap and antimicrobial hand & skin sanitizers that don’t irritate or coat the skin and offer a lower cost per application than harsh alcohol gels and many competitive non-alcohol products.
  • Provide fast, online cost estimates and DIY testing and remediation solutions for homeowners. Allowing them to use what the pros use.

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