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1’Q 2016

Following a year of real world testing within professional mold remediation projects, MicroArmor perfected the components offerred in its new DIY Mold Removal Kit. The kit provides the necessary MicroArmor products and ancillary supplies for individuals to kill, clean and inhibit future growth of mold or mildew on 100 square feet of internal or external surfaces or materials.

During a proof of concept product introduction at a Sherwin Williams store in Mentor Ohio, the DIY Mold Removal Kit received strong interest and reviews from both home owners and contractors. Month over month and repeat customer sales increased solely based on word of mouth performance, as no print or media advertizing or promoton was run during the proof of concept introduction.

The DIY Mold Removal Kit features MicroArmor’s 3 step, professionally testeed and proven mold and mildew elimination products. Step 1 – MicroArmor’s Surface Brightener is a powerful, safe (non-bleach), organic stain remover that cuts through dirt, grim and bioslimes to remove even the toughest mold and mildew stains. Step 2 – MicroArmor’s Mold Eliminator is an EPA registered fungicide and mildewcide that cuts through bioslimes and eliminates mold and mildew in 10 minutes. Step 3 – MicroArmor’s Cationic Surface Coating inhibits the growth of mold and mildew that cause odors, staining and surface degredation.

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