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MicroArmor is a company founded on the principles of “Good Science”, Integrity and Performance. We are an integrated product and service company, created to offer plant derived, highly biorenewable antimicrobial products and superior antimicrobial services to industrial, commercial and residential customers. In support of that mission we manufacture, distribute and use a full line of antimicrobial surface and fabric coatings, disinfectants, organic stain removers and skin sanitizers. At MicroArmor our focus is Balancing Health & The Environment With Performance & Cost ……..NATURALLY Our proprietary Antimicrobial System was developed to take advantage of the synergistic action of our advanced technology products. Read more


MicroArmor’s AntiMicrobial System Is Comprised Of Advanced Technology Products That Work Synergistically To Eliminate And Inhibit A Broad Spectrum Of Microrganisms. Combined With Good Cleaning Practices and Good Hygiene They Protect Against And Reduce Exposure To Microrganisms That Can Cause Illness.

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MicroArmor manufactures and distributes a broad range of antimicrobial products that are designed to work synergistically together to reduce exposures to bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause illness.
EFFECTIVENESS (Efficacy) is a products ability to achieve the desired result. In the case of Cleaner Disinfectants, Disinfectants, Skin Sanitizers and Antimicrobial Coatings this means to kill and/or eliminate the growth of bacteria…
SAFETY refers to whether a product poses a risk to the consumer or the environment. It is important to recognize that Disinfectants and Skin Sanitizers are effective because their active ingredient is TOXIC to bacteria, viruses and fungi.
EFFICIENCY refers to how much the Antimicrobial product costs per use or application. Beyond demonstrating effectiveness and having a high biorenewable index, if used as directed, there are no features of Antimicrobial products that justify

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1’Q 2016

Following a year of real world testing within professional mold remediation projects, MicroArmor perfected the components offerred in its new DIY Mold Removal Kit The kit provides the necessary...Read More

August 2015

Begining in 2013 the FDA began to look at the claims made by companies regarding their antibacterial soaps And while these companies presented results from Efficacy and Zone Of Inhibition...Read More

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